Genel Bakış

Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad returns to Silver Height seven years after her daughter Josefine disappeared by a lake in the woods. The body was never found and the girl was believed to have drowned. Now a boy has vanished without a trace and Thörnblad wants to find out if there is a link to her daughter's disappearance. At the same time , she will take care of the legacy of her father, the great entrepreneur Johan Thörnblad, who built an empire of timber and timber processing on the large forest owned by his ancestors. As the plot deepens more children are kidnapped and what initially seems like a police drama takes a more sinister and stranger twist with each episode.


Eva Thörnbladh bir detektiftir. Yedi yıl sonra kaybolan kızı için memleketine döner ve dava için ipuçları toplamaya başlar. Kızını adeta ufuklarda arar. Olaylar git gide ilginçleşmektedir.

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  1. Dram
  2. Gizem